Features of a Property Valuation Company in Australia

If you are at a point where you have to hire a property valuation company in Australia you may find that getting the right one is not always easy. This is so because there are many companies offering these services in the country and not all of them are reliable or do a spectacular job. To this point, here are some of the features you should look for in a property valuation company in Australia:

Australia Property

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You need a company that has been doing this work for a considerably long time as such a valuer is likely to do a better job than one who is just starting. A company that has been in the business for long understands the market well, knows all the legal requirements and has built a business that they would like to maintain for an even longer period of time.

The classes of property they handle

Property market in Australia is vast as it ranges from industrial, residential to commercial. Therefore you need to know the class a given valuer is familiar with first before hiring them. You cannot hire a valuer who is experienced only in valuing residential property to come and value say, an industrial property.


The tools they use

For proper research, a valuer should have access to the right tools and information. These tools and information is crucial in the property business and subscription for the same is not cheap. Therefore make an effort of finding out whether a valuer has access to such tools as that is one way of knowing if they are serious with their work or not.

Knowledge in valuing property in a given location

When it comes to property valuation in Australia there is no such thing as one formula or technique fits all. Each location has requirements that a valuer should take into account before producing a report. Therefore make sure that you hire a company that has experience in the location the property in question is located.

Follow Property Valuation Consultants:


All property valuation companies and valuers in Australia should be registered by relevant bodies and in the states they operate. There are requirements they must meet in order for them to be accredited.


Getting the right property valuation company is important and as such you should make sure you research well before hiring one.


For better service, make sure you get a valuation company that is part of Australian Property Institute (API) and remember, cheap is not always the best option.

5 tips for renting a villa in Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle, Sri Lanka

Beachfront rental hideouts in Sri Lanka are a retreat, and ideal for a staycation throughout all seasons. Renting a villa in Galle, Sri Lanka allows us to live the vacation of your dreams, even if only for a week or two. In addition to that, for those who plan it precisely, or for travelers with family or a group, the cost of renting a villa or apartment in Sri Lanka can be much less than renting hotel rooms.

If you’re considering a Galle villa rental, here are 5 quick tips to make sure the rental experience goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Decide if you really will enjoy being in the countryside: Consider the location of the villa and what you plan to do each day. If you’re focused more on cooking meals with fresh local ingredients, loafing in the garden and swimming in the pool, being in the depths of countryside won’t matter so much.

2. Make sure someone is on the watch 24/7: What if you rented one of the most expensive villas and none of the toilets worked? Make sure the owners have a local handyman nearby to respond and fix such situations. If the owner can’t assure a speedy, local response, reconsider your stay.

3. Ask for references: Renting a villa can be a major investment. Inquire if the owners or rental agency if you can call previous renters for reference. Make sure you ask the renters what they liked and disliked about the rental and if there was anything they wish they had known before they rented the property. It’s good to know beforehand.

4. Do some online searching: Villas can be represented by either the owner directly or several villa rental agencies. Most companies may disguise the villa by renting it in a different name. So take some of the key descriptive terms and find out where it is located and Google the information, just to be on the safe side.

5. Personally visit the property: It’s always best to visit the villa in person – if possible. Also, you might really want to talk to someone who has been there. That way you know if it’s a noisy neighborhood with a garbage dump down the street. Sometimes photos on a rental website don’t show the true picture.

For tips on how to spend your vacation in Galle and to find best Villas in Sri Lanka, visit http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Sri_Lanka/Sri_Lanka-1416785/TravelGuide-Sri_Lanka.html.

How to find the Finest Luxury Apartment in Colombo

Luxury-ApartmentWhether you want to stay in a quiet and serene environment blended with nature, or in a tranquil, yet convenient location in a town, Luxury Apartments in Colombo will spoil you with a range of well-appointed options. Sophisticated apartments set up in different areas of the Western province will promise you the comfort and convenience you seek in a home.

Here are some ways in which you can find the best apartment for you:

  1. Research about the developer and the reputation: The property developer should preferably be someone who has experience in delivering luxury properties. When a property has a good reputation, it tends to retain its value. Opinions on properties are actively published online, allowing you to read through and view the pros and cons. Gathering some feedback from those who are already occupied might prove to be worthy.
  2. Check up on the amenities: The main reason why you  choose a  Luxury stay over a normal apartment is the amenities that it presents you with. First-class features such as security, imported flooring materials, high-end kitchen and bathroom fittings, built in gyms, in-unit laundry are some of the parameters that define a luxury apartment.
  3. Choose a location from where you can access all needs: Mapping and locating properties has been made easier with the internet. Satellite images of properties and their respective neighborhoods can be viewed for a better understanding of the surrounding of the property. Do you want a quiet building close to school and work, and will allow pets and has free parking? Or are you looking at a tranquil location deep down in Colombo, which is a hideaway from the bustling city life? Spend some time in the neighborhood to observe before you invest.
  4. Visit the apartment: The interiors such as pipelines, electricity, furnishings and fittings, must be checked and made certain that they are of durable quality. Roofing, flooring, doors, windows and the entire structure and technical aspects of the apartment is important to examine, to ensure the sturdiness. It is best to inquire about the recognition and trustworthiness of suppliers who have provided the materials such as tiles, cement etc. Also, spend some time in the neighborhood to observe before you invest.

Benchmarking its standards on a global scale, The Elements by Fairway Holdings is one of the best Luxury Apartments in Colombo, or rather, a lifestyle that is distinctively for seekers of contemporary luxury living experiences. With devotion to finest quality details and finishes, solid structure, aesthetic value, intelligent architecture and engineering, access to modern conveniences with the latest amenities and above all a serene environment in Rajagiriya, The Elements is an ideal choice for homemakers and holidaymakers.

A Day’s Tour In Hong Kong


With all the marvelous sites and bustling life that is in Hong Kong, a day’s tour does not even come close to appreciating its beauty. For those on a short visit, this article will show you the top places and venues to visit in a day, through the Fragrant Harbor.

1. The Cha Chaan Teng Breakfast

cha-chaan-teng-macau-pui-keiEnjoying the cha chaan teng breakfast, also known as the tea breakfast, is the perfect way to kick start your day among the people. The dong lai cha (iced milk tea) taken with the Hong Kong style French toast is a delicacy you should not miss out on. Also check out the Mido Cafe.

2. Take A Morning Stroll In the Eclectic Sheung Wan Neighborhood

Sheung Wan is filled with various hip and exotic businesses, from handicraft shops to traditional medicine. The Western Market has lots of handicraft shops and to the west is the Dried Seafood Street having pungent items for scallops, soups and other items. To see Chinese medicine in action, be sure to check out the Koh Shing Street.

3. Central-Mid-Levels EscalatorExperience Central-Mid-Levels Escalator, The World’s Longest Escalator

This French engineered escalator and walk way system is 800 meters long; it’s a very fun and pleasant way to get up the hill. As you glide along this marvel, you can observe restaurants and businesses which you can go check out at the next exit of the escalator. At the top of the hill is the city’s oldest mosque called the Jamia Mosque that is next to the Rednaxela Terrace.

4. Sample The Yum Cha Lunch

A visit to Hong Kong without taking a dim sum or yum cha lunch is not complete. It is served traditionally with tea. Dim sum, which means “touch your heart”, has a wide variety of things to choose from.

5. Enjoy The Breathtaking Skyline From The Peak

Next, enjoy the ride using the Peak Tram, taking the remarkable views as you progress up the sheer mountainside. Be sure to check out the Harlech Road and Lugard Road, which also boast of stunning views.

6. Take A Ride On The Star Ferry

Named as one of the fifty places of a lifetime, taking a Star Ferry tour of the Victoria Harbor is as stunning as it gets. The top deck has the best views of the elegant skycrapers and although the crossing between Hong Kong Island and Knowloon only takes 10 minutes, you can ride it a number of times till you get your fill.

Dai Pai Dong Dining Area7. Partake The Local Dai Pai Dong Dinner

Having moved around quite a bit for the day, sitting down for dinner doesn’t have to be boring also. Enjoying the dai pai dong dinner at the open air food stalls and experiencing it with the locals will enable you experience the real Hong Kong culture.

8. Have a drink on top of the world

When winding up your day, be sure to visit the highest bar in the world at Ozone, and enjoy a sweet cocktail as you view the scenery and neon skyline lights.

Vacation Homes you could Exchange with Your Own

There is a well kept luxury travel secret that only a select few in the world now about. There are luxury vacation homes that you can swap with your own home. There are numerous websites where such transactions are made. All it needs is for you to make a decision and then find a like-minded person and there you will have your deal. House swapping has been on the rise in the recent years. Such homes include;Calypso Shores, Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • Calypso Shores, Montego Bay, Jamaica

It is a beachfront villa found on the residential area code of Montego Bay. The property is within an exclusive gated community that boasts a lot of benefits among them 24hour security, tennis courts as well as the oversized but immaculate and impressive lap pool. It is also a ten minute ride from the Sangster airport and has four spacious and very beautiful bedrooms. The impressive home also has a fantastic veranda where you can dine out.

  • Cotars Mara Private Homestead, Masai Mara, Kenya

The impressive property borders the Masai Mara National, Reserve. The home provides picturesque views of the surrounding savannah plains. You can watch the migration of the wildebeest which happens annually or even venture into the property on guided game drives to see the wildlife from close quarters. The property hosts up to ten guests who value privacy and high standards.Island-Park-Lodge-in-Yellowstone-Country-Island-Park-Idaho

  • Island Park Lodge in Yellowstone Country, Island Park, Idaho, USA

There is nothing that could beat your own palatial mountain lake house that has its own private beach and dock. The deal is even made sweeter by the five suites that all have incredible lake views and those of the Yellowstone National Park just minutes away.

  • The Old Hall, Norfolk, UK

It is a grade two listed building that has been featured as one of the best 50 British breaks in the Independent newspaper. It is located on a17 acre spread of land that is complete with a private pool, tennis court as well as a croquet lawn. The palatial home can accommodate up to 18 people at once.

  • The Famous Malibu Wing HouseMalibu Wing House

Talk about something unique, and then following that thought, imagine sleeping under the wings of a Boeing 747! It also comes with a complete 60 foot swimming pool. It accommodates four people. The property lies on the expanse of 55 acres of land and therefore the perfect getaway for couples and families.

Top 11 Marine Adventures To Experience In Life

Life-Adventure2-640x325Getting to go out to sea in a boat and yacht is wonderful but when you immerse yourself and see all the life that is in there, it’s a whole other experience in life.  This article will show you the top 11 marine adventures to experience in life.

  1. The Sardine Run – Occurring in the warm waters of South Africa, billions of sardines moving in the May to July period are likened to the wildebeest migration. To see how they create a feeding craze among the see animals like the dolphins, sharks and whales will leave you wishing you did not see and experience them sooner.
  1. Diving in Palau – There are numerous lagoons, reefs and drop-offs in this collection of Islands in Micronesia, which is home to several marine life species.Diving in Palau
  1. Night Diving in Komodo – This has to be one of the greatest dives any diver can make on earth; getting to see the creatures that crawl and scuttle at the sea floor will help you appreciate the evolution of marine life.
  1. Nusa Lembongan, Bali – This is home to the most bony fish on earth called the Mola Mola, which lays over 300 million eggs. With the presence of the Manta Rays and the vast array of fish species, you will enjoy the experience.
  1. Manatees in the Crystal River, Florida – These gentle but large creatures usually portray love, in the presence of humans. These inhabitants of the Crystal River will leave you wanting to spend more time with them.Manatees in the Crystal River, Florida
  1. Humpbacks in Vava’u, Tonga – This is the only place on earth where you get to rub shoulders with humpback whales, which is an unforgettable experience.
  1. Roca Partida, Mexico – Here you will see the rock split which rises from more than five kilometers in the Sea of Cortez. Next to it you will see large manta rays, which is likened to Tolkien.Roca Partida, Mexico
  1. Thresher Sharks in the Phillipines – Get to see Thresher Sharks as they come up to clean themselves off the crest in the Island of Malapascua. They are regarded as some of the most beautiful sharks.
  1. Aliwal, South Africa – Boasting of more than 1000 species of fish, this is a diver’s paradise. The Agulhas warm current carries fish with strange and unique characteristics and teeth, where you also get to see Sandstone Mountains.Aliwal,South Africa
  1. Wrecks of the isles of Scilly, Britain – Here you will find a list of the ships that sank in Scilly, such as the Pinnace Supply of the East Indian Company and the Gift of God ship of Kirkcaldy. There are white sandy beaches and clear waters, making the Archipelago a masterpiece to behold.Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – There are numerous endemic species and Isles, some of which were studied by Darwin during his Beagle Voyage.

Rent Apartment within Budget

Rent Apartment within BudgetSummary

Once you have ascertained what you really want, think about your choice carefully. You can do this by assessing your budget and also by evaluating an apartment’s worth according to the given values. This will then help you to make an informed decision.

dubai5dWhen it comes to apartment hunting, it may become a nightmare. The first thing you need to do though is to establish what you are looking for in a living space. With that in mind you will be able to choose an apartment that suits your preferences and budget allocation. There are various ways in which you can find the cheapest rates for apartments. They include;

  • Web help – You may not know the features or properties that are available in your area or what rent ranges they are going for. You can make your inquiry work easier by turning to the internet. You can then search for apartments based on the features you want to have and the cost. It’s easy and painless.
  • Avoid choices based on perceived value – The first rule in apartment hunting is not to compromise your standards. Do not go for an apartment because it has vaulted ceilings and a kitchen with an island, when it is in a questionable neighborhood where safety is an issue.
  • Call a locator in your area – Look either online or in phone book listings for the numbers of the apartments in your area. Call them and ask which communities have the most features that are related to what you want. You can also ask about special apartments that go at different pricings as well as ascertaining that the properties you are interested in have the best units available.
  • Call the rental community before visiting – Before you make a visit to a rental community it is important to give them a call. This can help you to get a hold on the prospective price quotations. This will help to prevent the occurrence of the estate agent wooing you with features. You can also ask around so that you are aware of the competitive prices from other communities.
  • Tour properties in person – While most websites for apartment complexes offer virtual tours, they can never substitute a personal visit. This is because the website will only give you an idea outline of the community and interior look like but a visit will give you the real, holistic perspective.
  • Reevaluate your feature list – Whenever you set out to hunt for an apartment there are several things that you put in mind regarding what you really want. After seeing a few places though, you could sit down and assess if you are willing to be flexible with some features so that you can get an apartment that is close to your initial needs.

Northern Germany Travel Tips

Northern Germany Travel TipsPeople are always looking for new adventure opportunities. Such places to lose yourself and have uninhibited fun are hard to come by but once you get them, there is a lot in store to be experienced. Such a spot is the northern part of Germany; here you will experience a myriad of fun things like epic paintball battles in Hamburg to fantastic kite surfing lessons on the Baltic Sea near Kiel. It would take approximately four stops to be able to cover all the important sites like;

  • Hamburg
    You just have to go to Hamburg if you are visiting the northern Germany. The city is picturesque and it is evidenced by the many tourists that venture there to see it in all its glory. The roads that navigate through the city are wide and well maintained so cruising around is easy and relaxing.
  • City Paintball
    It is placed very centrally in the city and therefore it is very easy to access. Once you are in you can choose between the various battlefields. You could also choose to have all of them at intervals and that way you will have more fun. Charges are also very affordable because during the week days you are only charged 29 Euros for two hours of fun per person and during the weekends it’s 33 Euros. You will also get protective gear so that you keep your clothes clean and dry.
  • Otto’s Burger
    This is the spot where the best burgers in all of Germany are made. You just can’t pass through the city without giving the delicacies a try.
  • Hip-Hop boat at the port
    After a delicious hamburger, you can then stroll to the party bar for a drink and some fun. There are cruises on the harbor basin for 8 Euros an hour. It is also accompanied with great old-school hip-hop music.  You certainly wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world.
  • 25hours Hotel HafenCity
    The hotel has a beautiful view of the water and harbor. It is well furnished and the arena is serene and cozy.
  • Timendorfer Strand
    This is the most famous beach in Germany. It stretches for kilometers with its white sand that glistens under the powerful sun. It is a must see.
  • Water Ski Susel
    Here you will have the best water skiing experience of your lifetime.
  • Seehuus Lifestyle Hotel
    After long hours you can check into this hotel that is on the southern side of the beach and is separated by the sea by dunes only. You can sleep facing the sea’s view.
  • Kiel
    In Kiel there are ferries and other events.
  • Lopokaffeexpress
    Here there is a roast house and a coffee café with very delicious coffee.
  • Kite Surfing at the beach of Laboe
    Here there are water sports like water and kite surfing.
  • Strandhotel Seeblick
    They have good meals and the rooms are really cozy with views of the sea.
  • Peter-Ording
    It is famous for its exceptionally long and wide beach as well as the never ending dunes and salt meadows. You can relax on the beach or go horse-riding along the beach if the weather allows it.

A Two-Day Experience In Hunter Valley and its Vineyards

Hunter Valley and its VineyardsSummary – Anyone looking to enjoy good wine and manicured vineyards should add to their plan the Hunter Valley, and get to experience its finesse.

From fine wine, gourmet foods, cozy accommodation and tremendous events, one gets to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life by enjoying an experience at Hunter Valley.

Home of more than 150 top class wineries, vineyards and cellar doors, it is the oldest in New South Wales; thus giving Hunter Valley the name “Wine Country” of Australia.

Relax and enjoy the perfect experience whether you’re teeing at the golf course or pampering yourself at the Valley’s day spas.

  • Hermitage Lodge – It is a family-friendly accommodation in Pokolbin that offers its visitors 4.5 star boutique hotel experience at the heart of Hunter Valley. Nestled on a 25-acre site, the lodge comes with large oval spa tubs in many of its rooms and balconies that extend right on top of the grape vine, giving you a sense of serenity and privacy. One can take a relaxing walk down to the wineries and get to experience the beautiful view of the vineyards and afterwards, wind down to one of the home grown –bottles of Shiraz whilst taking in the splendid view of the vineyards during a sunset from your private balcony.
  • The Olive Tree Restaurant – The Olive Tree Restaurant is located on the banks of the Hunt River which is at the historic Wyndham Estate Winery. It opens its doors to its prestige guests only on weekends –Saturdays lunch 12-3pm and Sundays brunch (breakfast &lunch) 10am-3pm. The restaurant has a rustic Mediterranean menu, composed of fresh, locally sourced products, giving you a taste of stylish country cookery. One can enjoy the meal indoors in the cozy brick dining room which has a stylish al-fresco setting or outdoors with a spectacular view from every table of manicured vines, rugged mountainous backdrop and the winding Hunt River.
  • Scarborough on Hermitage – Wine tasting is one of the activities everyone should put on the list when visiting Hunters Valley. Scarborough on Hermitage is one of the wineries that have a bright modern space that offers a unique and remarkable tasting experience. Scarborough on Hermitage also home to Scarborough Wine Co. It’s famous for Chardonnay, Shiraz, Semillon and Pinot Noir. Scarborough on Hermitage opens its doors from 10am to 5pm and the best time to pay a visit is at around 4pm when the sunset is just right for a glass of refreshment.
  • Vineyard Shuttle Service – This service runs half and full-day tours where you can see up to 4 and 6 wineries respectively, with the choice to try cheese and chocolate on the trip. Everything is well catered for and your task is just to view the scenery, enjoy the wines and relax on the trip. You will get to see renowned wineries in the well air-conditioned buses. Going with a well-organized group keeps you from making any wrong decisions and it’s actually the best way to enjoy this trip.


Top 10 Alternative Destinations to Paris

Destinations to ParisParis is regarded as a culturally rich city for many reasons, ranging from the vast exemplary art galleries to the exquisite bistros and cafes littered all over the city. For those looking to experience the same culturally endowed cities, check out the top 10 alternative destinations to Paris.

10.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is home to impressive 3 top of the class art galleries; The KochxBos, Gerhard Hofland, and the Van Gogh Museum. They boast of some of the most famous paintings than anywhere else in the world.

9. Prague, the Czech Republic

Prague, also called the city of a thousand spires is home to an elegant and splendid skyline of lovely domed churches and tall towers. The Charles Bridge, The Jewish Quarter and Prague Castle are historical architectures which are a dazzle to see.

8. Florence, Italy

Florence, which was the Italian Renaissance Birthplace before the rise of Paris, is home to some of the greatest artists such as Dante and Michelangelo, and others such as Machiavelli, a political thinker. The streets depict a rich historical culture with their statues, palaces and sculptures.

7. Melbourne, Australia

The coffee here is simply unbeatable. Melbourne is home to some of the best coffee brewers such as the Patricia Coffee Brewers. Also, its food delicacies introduced by Greece, Lebanon and Turkey Immigrants offer rich cultural diversity.

6. Vienna, Austria

Melbourne is home to some of the world’s greatest cultural music such as Mozart and Beethoven. Coffee and cakes still form a significant integral part of the life. Tourists can observe Old Masters art collections as well at the Museum Quartier. 

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has a history dating back to the Vikings which can be seen in Gamla Stan City, where blacksmiths forged swords. There are many great views and you can enjoy some at Hermans Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant with steamed-up windows.

4. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is one of the oldest, most intriguing settlements in Canada. The cobblestone streets and gothic churches have led it to be named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are numerous bistros and restaurants all over for tourists to enjoy and a vibrant nightlife scene.

3. Seville, Spain

Though it may not have the same kind of feel that Paris has, its rich culture is showcased in the same arousing appeal as that of Paris. The Orange trees coupled with the flamenco music from the local bars offering cheap wines and the tapas offer a good tourist destination.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is full of a vibrant culture, with the Parisian Boulevards striking a similar resemblance to that of Paris. Here the dancing culture will attract you to get your groove on with the bustling nightlife and the alluring ambience.

1. Montreal, Canada

The relaxing walks offer a romantic vibe as you take in the historical sites like the Basilique Notre-Dame and you can also grab a meal from the bistros. Its Paris-like post-industrial charm unfolds in Vieux Port and you will love the colorful city.